phoneMiner Support

If you are having problems with phoneMiner, or have any questions – please do not hesitate to contact us.

For your convenience, we have listed a number of answers to frequently asked questions below:


I have purchased phoneMiner, but have not yet received my unlock code

As soon as your payment has been successfully processed, an email will be sent to your email address containing your unlock code. This typically takes between 1 and 45 minutes.

phoneMiner is unable to open my backup

If phoneMiner is unable to open your backup, please send the backup to us for analysis using phoneMiner’s send function. We aim to fix any issues within 3 working days.

phoneMiner is not displaying part of my backup

If phoneMiner is unable to display a database within your backup (address book, emails, sms messages, calendar etc), please send the backup file/folder to us for analysis using phoneMiners’ send function. We aim to fix any issues within 3 working days.

What formats can phoneMiner export to?

phoneMiner can export your backup data to several popular formats.

Please refer to the phoneMiner edition comparison table to see which edition meets your requirements.

What is a iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch backup file?

These are backups that contain personal data (address book, SMS messages, calendar, photos, video etc) from an Apple device (I.E. iPhone).

How do I create an iPhone backup file?

Backups of your Apple device(s) are created using Apple’s iTunes software application.

Why are the Emails not displayed in my iTunes backup?

Email data is not stored within the backup file created from your Apple device. Instead, these emails are stored on a mail server (POP3).

What is a Sony DBK backup file?

Sony DBK backup files are created with Sony PC Companion and contain Contacts (address book), Messages, Photos and Calendar data. These backups have a .DBK file extension.

What is a BlackBerry backup file?

BlackBerry backup files are used to transfer data (address book, emails, messages, calendar etc) between your BlackBerry and computer. These backups can have an .IPD or .BBB file extension.

How do I create a BlackBerry backup file?

To create a backup of your BlackBerry data, you will need to connect your BlackBerry to your computer (using the bundled USB cable) and download the Blackberry Desktop Software.

My backups have changed from filename.IPD to filename.BBB

RIM (creators of the BlackBerry) changed the way BlackBerry Desktop Manager created backups in April 2012. All backups are now given the .BBB file extension, and both old and new formats are fully supported by phoneMiner.

What do I uninstall PhoneMiner?

Should you wish to uninstall PhoneMiner from your computer, please:

– Select “START”.
– “Control Panel”.
– Programs / “Uninstall A Program”.
– Locate “PhoneMiner” by Amrak Software and select.
– Click the “Uninstall” button.

What is your refund policy?

You can view our refund policy here.

Where can I find the PhoneMiner EULA License?

Please see the PhoneMiner licence page.

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