phoneMiner Development History

February, 2018 (ver 2.5.2)

  • Upgraded to .NET framework v4.6

June, 2016 (ver 2.4.7)

  • Added video support to Sony DBK backup files
  • Added audio (mp3) support to Sony DBK backup files

May, 2016 (ver 2.4.2)

  • Fixed issue where some Sony Z5 users were unable to be extract data from their backups

March, 2015 (ver 2.3.8)

  • Certificate Update

January, 2015 (ver 2.3.71)

  • Updated Sony backup locations
  • Added text message database to Sony backups
  • Fixed Windows file extension association

October, 2014 (ver 2.3.62)

  • Added prev/next buttons to image viewer

June, 2014 (ver 2.3.51)

  • Added support for new Sony text formatting
  • Fix to anonymous statistics upload

June, 2014 (ver 2.3.48)

  • Added better error logging
  • Added (optional) anonymous statistics upload

May, 2014 (ver 2.3.31)

  • Added support for new Sony backup formats

February, 2014 (ver 2.3.21)

  • Code Signing Certificate Update

October, 2013 (ver 2.3.2)

  • Added support for Sony Xperia devices (.DBK file extension)
  • Import from multiple .VCF (vCard) files

March, 2013 (ver 2.2.1)

  • Added Google Contacts Import/Export (plus version only)

October, 2012 (ver 2.1.3)

  • Added support for Sony Ericsson phone backups (.DBK)
  • Fixed issue when exporting iPhone calendar entries to .ICS (iCal)

September, 2012 (ver 2.0.2)

  • Added support for all models of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
  • Added reminder to check for updates every 30 days
  • Added iCal format to export options for calendar database

August, 2012 (ver 1.7.3)

  • Fixed issue where error screen would appear behind other windows
  • Stopped empty backup files being send for analysis

July, 2012 (ver 1.7.0)

  • Added support for Password Keeper database
  • Date/Time now displayed on Email messages

June, 2012 (ver 1.6.8)

  • Added support for viewing HTML emails
  • Added phoneMiner icon to installed applications listing
  • Added feedback form when exiting phoneMiner (trial mode only)

May, 2012 (ver 1.6.7)

  • Fixed problem with certain BlackBerry Bold backups

April, 2012 (ver 1.6.5)

  • Reduced file size of phoneMiner install
  • Changed initial sorting order of databases to date/time
  • Various changes to database names due to user-feedback
  • Various changes to column headings due to user-feedback
  • If lite version, plus version export options are displayed but ghosted

March, 2012 (ver 1.6)

  • Added support for BlackBerry Backup Format V2.0.0
  • Added upgrade option to lite
  • Fixed VCF export issue
  • Fixed XLS/XLSX export issue
  • Fixed issue with changing encoding

January, 2012 (ver 1.5.4)

  • New functionality for supporting multilingual backups
  • Fixed issue with exporting emails
  • Fixed issue with row selection

December, 2011 (ver 1.5)

  • phoneMiner lite and plus launched
  • Added ‘Print’ functionality
  • Added support for Memos, Tasks and Call-log databases (plus version only)
  • Added additional export options (plus version only)
  • New phoneMiner logo
  • Fixed issue with splash screen on low-resolutions

August, 2011 (ver 1.0)

  • phoneMiner launches
  • Trial version fixed to show the correct number of rows
  • Added trial limitation info to splash screen

July, 2011

  • phoneMiner digitally signed
  • Added ability to decrypt and export encrypted IPD/BBB files
  • Fixed bug where unsupported files were not sent
  • Added ability to export to .PDF format

June, 2011

  • Added support for .bbb files (Apple Mac)
  • Fixed ‘BlackBerry Torch’ address-book bug
  • Unsupported files now sent encrypted
  • Added ability to export to .XML format
  • Added ability to export to .HTML format
  • Fixed .CSV export display bug

May, 2011

  • Added evaluation functionality
  • New user-friendly icons
  • Added ability to send unsupported files for analysis
  • Added ability to export to .CSV format

April, 2011

  • Added support for .IPD (PC) files
  • Various user-interface bugs fixed

March, 2011

  • Development of phoneMiner begins